Spring is in the air and it’s wedding season! One of my favorite catering events is wedding because I love to see people happy. I like to make things beautiful and for everyone to enjoy. When we cater a wedding, we like like to use our homegrown vegetable and herbs from our farm and to use bright colorful flowers and fruits. 

We will work with you to create the foods and beautiful look you want to fit your budget and needs. Whether you are having a small wedding with just family or a big wedding at the museum, we want to make you happy for your big day. 

Sometimes people think Thai food is too spicy for a wedding or are afraid their guests won’t like it, but every time that we cater weddings with those concerns, the feedback is so wonderful. Guests come up to us and tell us they never knew Thai was so delicious.  We’ve made all kinds of people happy, from the Midwest to India!