Supannee’s Edible Flowers🌸🌼


Edible Flowers:  grow them and eat them!

There are many varieties of beautiful, colorful flowers that make your garden and planters bright and welcoming for friends, family, and guests.  I have been growing many kinds of edible flowers in my organic gardens and I learned and created in my Thai cooking and catering since we opened our Thai restaurant in 2010. Here are some of my favorite flowers to grow and always beautiful in my garden all year round.

Nasturtiums are an annual flower which grows wild (you can see them blooming everywhere in southern California in spring), and they also grow well in containers.  We can eat all parts of nasturtiums — leaves, flowers and seeds  They have a spicy flavor and I often use nasturtium petals to decorate my food, especially for catering.

Calendulas can grow almost year round in southern California.  Their colors range from yellow to orange and pink and I often grow them in my garden.  Calendulas have spicy, bitter, tangy and even peppery flavors.  I use the petals in my mixed green salad to brighten it up.

Pansies and Violas:  these beautiful and happy face flowers love and grow well in cool weather and add brightness and beauty to your garden, especially in hanging baskets and containers.  I use them in my fresh spring rolls, edible ice cubes, and also as garnish for dessert plates and cups.  I always get compliments such as “they are too beautiful to eat”.

Roses are always beautiful and come in many different varieties, with various colors and scents.  The darker the rose the stronger the flavors.  I use rose petals in my fresh spring rolls in summer when roses are in high bloom season — great to use for weddings and showers.  They always amaze my customers and their guests.

Impatiens are one of my favorite flowers that grow in my front yard.  These bright, beautiful flowers in a variety of colors make the garden so bright and welcoming. Impatiens have no taste but they show up in my fresh spring rolls as beautiful and bright and make summer so joyful!