Nam Koa Tod Salad 


Nam kao Tod is an original Lao and Thai street food also served at five star hotel restaurants in Thailand. Nam kao Tod also known as crispy rice salad. 

Chef Wan  makes her own Housemade Thai sausage mixed with seasonings and a batch of cooked marinated cooked jasmine rice with red curry paste, sugar, salt, and grated coconut, and then forming the mixture into tightly packed large rice balls to be coated with eggs and then deep-fried to form crispy rice balls. Then she  crumbles the crispy rice balls into little chunks and and mixes with  little pieces of Thai sausages, fresh ginger, cilantro, red onion, roasted peanuts,  lime juice, fish sauce, chopped fresh chili and served with lettuce leaves or sometime green cabbage to wrap it yourself. 

Nam Koa Tod is a tangy taste of fresh squeezed lime juice and fish sauce and a bite of flavorful of fresh ginger and a crunchy crispy rice and roasted peanuts and a tasty housemade Thai sausage. 

Nam Koa Tod  – not too many Thai restaurants in the US serve this because it takes too much time and preparation  to make it authentic. But Chef Wan is determined to do it because she believes that her customers will enjoy and appreciate the hard work she put together.

We always recommended to our customers to try new things at our restaurant. Every time I recommended Nam Koa Tod to them and they enjoyed it so much and can’t wait to come for more next time.