My Culinary Travels!


Every time I go to Thailand to visit my family I love cooking with my sisters in-law in my hometown and in our home in Bangkok.

We picked fresh vegetables and herbs from our backyard and buy some from local markets for fresh water fish and meat! In Bangkok(where is most of my family live) I will go to the fresh open air market with my sister in-law and we will buy fresh vegetables, fish and seafood. We will cook, talk and share our stories to each other. Then we would sit down on the floor and share our delicious food.

Open air fresh produce markets and street foods are everywhere in Thailand. You will find plenty of fresh delicious Thai foods on just about every street especially in big city like Bangkok. Growing up in Thailand made me feel like the food was ENDLESS!

Visiting my family and cooking traditional meals together and seeing my family’s vegetables farms/ gardens gives me and my sister (Chef Wan) inspiration for the recipes we use and gardening here in San Diego in my restaurant. Catering