Benefits of lemongrass!!

Lemongrass is an herb. It’s known as an important ingredient in Thai cuisine and most Thai curry dishes uses lemongrass as do stir-fry, soups and Thai salads and lemongrass tea. It is also used in other Asian cuisine such as Vietnamese Food.

Lemongrass not only make Thai food authentic and delicious but lemongrass leaves and oil use in medicine. Lemongrass is a plant and perennial herb with a strong lemony aroma smell and flavor. It’s rich in nutrients and therapeutic benefits and high in antioxidants and support the immune system; it also helps treat digestion, high blood pleasure, cough and pains!

I know how important it is in my Thai cuisine which why I started my lemongrass farm soon after we opened Supannee House of Thai 7 years ago. I pick it 3-4 times a week as needed and my sister Chef Wan uses it in her kitchen at Supannee House of Thai and Catering! www.sdthai.com