Edible Flowers Ice Cubes/Wine Coolers🌸🌼


Edible flowers ice cubes/wines, champagne coolers!!

I learned how to make these beautiful edible flower ice cubes for a bridal shower I catered for a year ago. These beautiful ice cubes and wine/champagne ice coolers always amaze the brides with smiling and happy faces. They always say that they are “TOO Pretty to eat”

My ice cubes usually are made from flowers grown in my organic garden and are totally safe to eat.

How to do it :

1. Pick edible flowers.

2 . Get a large mold (I usually use brownie cooking sheets for it.)

3. Face the flowers face down ( I do both facing down and up.)

4. Add distilled water(to keep the ice clear) in the mold.

5. Put in the freezer until completely frozen.

6. Run the mold side down till the ice cubes fall off the mold !!