Edible flowers from Supannee’s garden.


As you know California is facing drought and it is a very difficult time for Californian farmers. I have to make sure everything I planted in my farms and home garden have to be able to eat and be useful.

 Beside vegetables I grow in my garden for family use. I grow edible flowers I can pick for cooking and decorate our restaurant in vases.

 There are so many of flowers you can eat. I planted nasturtiums, pansies, fuchsias, hollyhocks, roses, calendulas, violas, marigolds, dahlias, coriander flowers, cornflowers, squash flowers, California poppy flowers and much more in my garden. 

Nasturtium has sweet, peppery and tangy taste. I use to decorate Spicy Chicken Salad in Cummerber Cups, and mixed green salad.

Pansy and viola have a mild, fresh or more prominent wintergreen taste depending on the variety and how much you eat and they are so beautiful and eliglant look. I use them in my fresh summer rolls and put on mango and sticky rice desert cups.

Fuchsia and hollyhock, tangy fuchsia flowers make a beautiful garnish and hollyhock has a bland and vegetal in flavor, hollyhock blossoms make a beautiful, showy, edible garnish. I have thought hollyhocks are poinson flowers  for so long but they are not. 

I usually use these flowers for my catering services and some use to decorate appetizers and deserts at our restaurant.


  Fresh summer rolls shrimp with pansy flowers.



Nasturtium and viola flowers in green salad.