Chef Wan’s curries.


My sister “chef Wan” makes all her own sauces, especially curry sauce which she believes in authentic ingredients and powerful seasonings with fresh herbs. 

We have 7 kinds of curry – green, red, yellow, mango, Panang, mussaman and jungle – each has its own special rich flavor.  

One of my favorites is jungle curry. Let me tell you about it: it is filled will so many herbs from our garden, it is rich with favors. This curry is very spicy so you have to love spice and spicy for this one!

Chef Wan puts all her passion and care into food. She LOVES cooking, she loves gardening, she loves people and making them happy. 

People love green curry, especially our Aunt Jennifer! Besıdes her special authentıc ıngredıents, Wan uses whatever fresh green vegetables she can find  

 to make the color of curry green. It’s so flavorful with spicy, sweet and our Thai basil and Thai eggplants that we grow on our farm. And she adds lemongrass and galangal for a powerful punch of Thai flavors!