California Drought gardening!!


As you know California has had a major drought for many years. As a gardener, I am always concerned what I grow in our two small farms plus my home garden. We have to make sure everything we grow can be used and eaten for our own needs or for restaurant use.

We (Chef Wan, my nieces and I, (Supannee)) grew up in a farm in Thailand and love gardening so much.  Because I believe in eating healthy, fresh and what we can grow in our back yard,  I use lots of waste water from washing veggies and fruits to re-water my plants and veggies in my home garden.

For California’s drought problem we are facing, we have to make sure that we don’t over water our gardens. We use a slow drip system for watering and we use lemongrass leaves clippings and avocado tree leaves to use as mulch over plants and veggies. It helps to preserve and keep soil moist without drying so fast in hot days like we have here in Southern California.

Also, growing lemongrass (which we use and pick every single day for our Thai cuisine) is water wise because it doesn’t need lots of water to grow.

Growing companion vegetables are also very important for saving water. For example growing lettuces under bean poles and tomato plants are great companions. Tomato plants need lots of water to grow and the soil can dry out fast, SO lettuces growing  beneath can keep soil moist from their leaves and the tomatoes will ultimately need less water.