Welcome to Supannee House of Thai, San Diego’s favorite Thai food restaurant! Fresh and healthy Thai cuisine prepared with locally-sourced ingredients including veggies from our two gardens and local seafood.


Fine Wines & Craft Beer

Enjoy sit-down bar service including fine wines, champagne and local craft beer. Try a Thai favorite beverage like Lemongrass Iced Tea.


Farm to Table Thai!

Supannee uses locally-sourced ingredients including fresh farm-to-table veggies, herbs, peppers and chilies from our two gardens. Look for House Specials including fresh local seafood.


Unique Thai Cuisine

Chef Wan prepares delicious Thai dishes made with her own special sauces and curries. Choose mild or spicy-hot!


Supannee House of Thai in Union-Tribune

A taste for Thai Word of mouth builds a following for authentic cuisine By Caron Golden | 1:26 p.m. Aug. 9, 2016   Ever have one of those moments when someone tells you about their favorite neighborhood restaurant and once it gets in your head, you discover that tons of people you know adore it? I’m…

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August 21, 2016

Edible flowers from Supannee’s garden.

As you know California is facing drought and it is a very difficult time for Californian farmers. I have to make sure everything I planted in my farms and home garden have to be able to eat and be useful.  Beside vegetables I grow in my garden for family use. I grow edible flowers I…

May 5, 2015

Nam Koa Tod Salad 

Nam kao Tod is an original Lao and Thai street food also served at five star hotel restaurants in Thailand. Nam kao Tod also known as crispy rice salad.  Chef Wan  makes her own Housemade Thai sausage mixed with seasonings and a batch of cooked marinated cooked jasmine rice with red curry paste, sugar, salt, and grated coconut, and then forming…

April 22, 2015

California Drought gardening!!

As you know California has had a major drought for many years. As a gardener, I am always concerned what I grow in our two small farms plus my home garden. We have to make sure everything we grow can be used and eaten for our own needs or for restaurant use. We (Chef Wan, my nieces and…

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April 18, 2015


Spring is in the air and it’s wedding season! One of my favorite catering events is wedding because I love to see people happy. I like to make things beautiful and for everyone to enjoy. When we cater a wedding, we like like to use our homegrown vegetable and herbs from our farm and to…

April 15, 2015

New at Supannee House of Thai: White Beech Mushrooms

White Beech, or Bunapi, is a mushroom that offers a combination of crunchy textures and a smooth, nutty flavor. The White Beech is somewhat bitter in its raw state, but is very enjoyable once cooked. Chef Wan uses it in her soups: Tom Yum, Tom Kah (coconut soup), and Pohtak soup (with Thai basil.) She…

April 11, 2015

Supannee’s Tomatoes.

More than 50 (15 different kinds of heirloom) tomatoe plants growing in Supannee House of Thai’s local farms.  From Big juicy beefsteak, green German, black, white, pink brandy wine, Hawaiian tomatoes, pineapple tomatoes, green and black tiger stripe, heart shape, black, red cherry tomatoes, Mr.stripy, Roma tomatoes, etc…    Chef Wan’s favorite tomatoes dishes, Mixed…

April 10, 2015

Fresh and local fish.

We buy local fresh Rock Fish from local fishermen. Our halibut and white sea bass fillets and stone crabmeat  come from Baja California only by Pacific Shelfish(@Pacshell) and Catalina Offshore. We seek only the best as we want our customers to experience and enjoy the freshest, local and sustainable food possible.  

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April 8, 2015

Chef Wan’s curries.

My sister “chef Wan” makes all her own sauces, especially curry sauce which she believes in authentic ingredients and powerful seasonings with fresh herbs.  We have 7 kinds of curry – green, red, yellow, mango, Panang, mussaman and jungle – each has its own special rich flavor.   One of my favorites is jungle curry.…

April 6, 2015

Housemade Thai sausage 

My sister chef Wan cooks everything with her love and passion. She has to make sure every single dish she decided to make has to come out  Great & DELICIOUS!!  Housemade Thai sausage made from finely chopped kafir lime leaves, lemongrass(from our farm), shallots and chef wan secret ingredients and ground pork. Grilled and serve…

April 5, 2015