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Supannee’s Gardens–Farm-to-Table Thai
Supannee House of Thai Gardens

“My passions are cooking, sharing, gardening and taking care of people. I was born in the farm in Thailand where I grew up seeing and eating all fresh fruits and vegetables from the farm. It made me loves gardening so much. Growing up eating fresh vegetables made me want to grow all the veggies in my farm and find the freshest local fish for my customers. I will continue growing veggies and searching the best and local food as much I can for customers.”

In Thailand, fresh food is everywhere. Open-air markets present an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, fish and meats—all laid-out on colorful display in local village markets and urban centers like Bangkok. For Thai people, farm-to-table is a way of life—not a movement.

Supannee House of Thai Gardens - Fresh Veggies

Such is the way for Supannee who has introduced the Thai farm-to-table lifestyle to Supannee House of Thai restaurant with her two local gardens–one in Pt. Loma and the other in El Cajon. Supannee personally oversees both gardens, tending to the rows of vegetables, herbs and spices herself, much the way she tended the family garden when she was a child in Thailand.

The harvest is delivered to the restaurant every day by Supannee and/or Chef Wan, her sister, who both pick the freshest and tastiest produce available. Chef Wan gets up early in the morning after a long night at the restaurant to make time for picking fresh herbs and veggies to use in the dishes she prepares. All food is grown the Thai way using sustainable practices and no chemicals or sprays are ever added.

Supannee House of Thai Gardens - Lemon Grass

A variety of Thai and other vegetables, herbs and spices are grown at the gardens including three varieties of Eggplant, Lemon Grass, Galanga Root, numerous varieties of peppers, numerous varieties of chilis, Lettuces, Chinese broccoli, Green Beans, Bitter Melons, Wing Beans, Long Beans, Heirloom Italian Squashes, Heirloom Tomatoes, Avocados, Limes, Kaffir Limes and Celantro. Extended summer crops such as Thai Eggplants, Pea Eggplants, Thai basil and Holy Basil are grown in the farm greenhouse in El Cajon.

Life in Thailand is about fresh and healthy foods prepared daily into exotic and flavorful dishes that are designed to be as healthy as they are delicious. Bring a little bit of Thailand into your life by enjoying the fresh healthy foods grown and prepared by Supannee and her big sister Chef Wan.

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