Chef Wan


Chef Wan

Chef Wan“My big sister Wan is the chef at our restaurant. She is a fantastic and creative cook who can cook fantastic yummy food. She started cooking when she was 15 years old and never stop since. She loves to cook food and see people enjoy and be happy with the food she prepares.”

The Thai phrase “Mai bpen rai” is used by Thai people hundreds of times a day and it means “don’t worry.” By their nature, Thai are happy people with calm smiles on their faces. This is especially true of Chef Wan, who juggles the fast pace of the Supannee kitchen with a calm smile on her face and lots of happy grins. Sneek a peek in the kitchen someday and see for yourself.

Chef Wan (Sangwan), Supannee’s big sister, is happiest when she’s cooking delicious healthy food for all her family and friends which includes the customers at Supannee House of Thai restaurant. She expresses love through food, communicating through the language of tasty Thai curries, sauces and creative dishes she developes especially for the restaurant.

Chef Wan has her very own style and philosophy for preparing San Diego’s most unique Thai cuisine. For instance, she believes that Thai sauces, which form the flavor-foundation of many Thai dishes, are best made from scratch. Many other Thai restaurants simply open a can, but Chef Wan prepares her sauces from the spices, chilies, peppers, herbs, roots and tubers picked fresh from her garden. Her sauces are unique, flavorful and have a distinct quality and freshness you will only find at Supannee House of Thai restaurant.

Chef Wan As with sauces, Chef Wan also develops and prepares her own curry pastes in-house which are unique, flavorful and very distinctive from those found in any other Thai restaurants. Her curry dishes are made in the authentic Thai style, with 100% Coconut milk–not watered-down Coconut milks or dairy milk. Her curries and other dishes also tend to be authentically on the hot side of Thai cuisine, so be sure to select your spice level accordingly when ordering!

Chef Wan also tends the Supannee House of Thai garden and greenhouse in El Cajon. She gets up early every morning to pick fresh vegetables, herbs and spices for the sauces and dishes she’ll prepare later that day at the restaurant.

Chef Wan began working professionally many years ago in the kitchen of Swaddee Thai Restaurant in Coronado. After some time at Swaddee, she accepted a position at Amarin Thai Restaurant in Hillcrest where she eventually became head chef. She and Supannee got their professional start together by catering gatherings in private homes. They quickly gained a reputation for delicious and unique Thai offerings and were encouraged by customers to open a restaurant so their food and loving spirits could be enjoyed by everyone. With ample encouragement and support, they opened Supannee House of Thai restaurant in early 2011 and expanded to the present size and location a little over one year later.

When preparing Thai dishes for guests, Chef Wan always remembers Thailand, along with her family and friends in the farms and fields where she grew up. She still enjoys harvesting produce and preparing flavorful dishes for the people she loves. She invites you to travel with her to Thailand through the foods and atmosphere she creates at Supannee House of Thai restaurant.