About Supannee House of Thai 

What’s up with the name?

Wife and husband proprietors, Supannee and Alec House, thought long and hard about what to call their first restaurant.  They settled on a combination of her first name, Supannee, and his last name, House. It’s a double entendre. Supannee House of Thai!

A Story of Families

Supannee House of Thai restaurant is the story of families, from Thailand and San Diego; that were joined by love and a mutual dream of sharing Thai cuisine with San Diegans. 

Supannee met her husband Alec House, while serving guests at a local Thai restaurant where she worked and he dined regularly. Their tableside conversations about Thai food and culture blossomed into a relationship and eventually marriage and family.
Supannee House of Thai Family
After a time, Supannee’s big sister Sangwan (Wan) Chant, joined her in San Diego to help raise Supannee’s two daughters and to assist with her catering business. Wan eventually married and became Head Chef at Supannee House of Thai when it opened. As the family continued to grow, Supannee and Alec played matchmakers by introducing Alec’s friend Brent Sandage to Supannee’s niece Patchara.  After a few visits between Thailand and San Diego, the match took hold with the couple marrying and later welcoming their son Lance into the world. Brent and Patchara formally joined Supannee House of Thai restaurant through a partnership that enabled the restaurant’s 2013 expansion.

About the Owners

Alec and Supannee HouseSupannee House. Supannee is the namesake and creator of Supannee House of Thai Restaurant. The restaurant is the realization of her long-time vision and dream of bringing the Thai food and culture of her childhood to San Diego. She fulfills many roles at the restaurant including managing the catering business, tending the Pt. Loma garden and being a familiar face in the dining room where she frequently hosts and serves guests. Her warm spirit and boundless energy can be felt throughout the Supannee House of Thai experience.

Alec House. Alec is Supannee’s husband and co-creator of the restaurant. He is primarily responsible for building and managing all the behind-the-scenes structure a restaurant needs to operate. Alec is a lifelong San Diego resident who, like Supannee, has a passion for farm-to-table Thai cuisine. He was the founder and former CEO of ARES Travel, a premier provider of travel and Brent and Patchara Sandagetourism technology solutions before opening Supannee House of Thai restaurant.

Brent & Patchara Sandage. Brent and Patchara are co-owners of Supannee House of Thai Restaurant and part of Supannee’s family. Brent is responsible for daily operations and management of the restaurant.  Between frequent supply runs, he occasionally fills in behind the bar and has his hand in just about everything a great restaurant needs to run smoothly. Brent is a lifelong San Diego resident who joined the food service profession after a long career in Mechanical Engineering.

The first thing you notice about Patchara Sandage is her warm and caring smile which is translated through all the staff and service at Supannee House of Thai restaurant. Patchara is the Customer Experience Manager, bringing a Thailand experience to the dining room by creating a warm atmosphere of detailed and loving service to our guests. She is a popular and familiar face in the dining room, warmly engaging guests–many of whom she knows on a first-name basis.