Supannee House


Supannee House

“My passions are cooking, sharing, gardening and taking care of people. Growing up eating fresh vegetables made me want to grow all the veggies in my farm and find the freshest local fish for my customers. I will continue growing veggies and searching the best and local food as much I can.”

Weaving a colorful wrap of love, family, Thai-inspired harmony and the passion to serve the freshest and healthiest foods available, Supannee House graciously invites you to her restaurant which is really a little bit like her home.

The essence of family traveled all the way from Thailand with Supannee, where she grew up with her nine brothers and sisters on a small rice farm in the Korat District east of Bangkok. The tropical-green countryside of her childhood was laced with contoured rice paddies and Palm trees—and fresh food growing everywhere.

Supannee HouseHer family grew and harvested food together, which included fragrant Thai staples like Kaffir Lime leaves, Thai Basil and Lemongrass used in local recipes such as curries, soups and noodle dishes. In the evenings, all would gather to feast on the fresh herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry and fish prepared by Supannee and her sisters. Occasionally, nearby irrigation ponds and canals were drained and the children would scramble for the bounty of fresh fish left behind which were immediately prepared and pan-seared over hot coals in fires made right in the fields.

In Thailand, fresh and healthy food is everywhere—interwoven into the daily routines of work and family. Supannee has recreated a little of Thailand here in San Diego with her restaurant and also with her gardens—one in Pt. Loma and the other in El Cajon, that supply fresh veggies for the kitchen. Like Thailand, the food is harvested fresh every day and used to prepare the delicious dishes her big sister Wan prepares.

Supannee CookingSupannee’s busy day includes tending the Pt. Loma garden, buying fish at the local seafood market and making sure the kitchen has the freshest and tastiest ingredients available. Early guests are often greeted by Supannee while she’s cutting fresh flowers for the tables or coordinating dining room activity. She also manages the catering side of the business which is fast becoming one of San Diego’s favorites for the tasty and attractive Thai buffets Supannee arranges.

Along with serving her restaurant customers, Supannee is also a devoted wife and mother of two wonderful daughters—doing all the things moms do like sports practice and shuttle service around town. She always finds time for family and periodically travels back to her childhood home in Thailand where she reconnects to the Thai culture and lifestyle she so lovingly brings to her guests and customers right here in San Diego.